Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Stories

I’ve done a quick check through the archives of Stories for Speakers and pulled out stories or quotes that have an Easter theme. Some have more of a direct connection than others!


Geoff Pound

Anointed with ashes
Anxious to Please
Ride on Ride On
Don’t Try and Explain Everything
This Will Happen to you
Lifting the Bails and Back to the Pavilion
Out of Pain Hope is Born
Born in a Grave
Here comes the dreamer. Let us kill him!
Check Mate
Easter News
In the Beginning it was fun
Exit and an Entrance
A Faith to Sing About
Giving the Right Message
Where do you place the comma?
Starting Over
What can you see in this?
Get the Picture?
No Full Stop
Newness from the rubbish
Candlesticks of Forgiveness
Communicating by Gesture
Kneel Where Believers Have Knelt
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
Hearing the Story for the First Time
Where are we looking?
The Power that Brings Hope
“…but now I’m found…”
Two Sides to Every Story
Easter Gifts

Image: In Easter 2001 the churches of the inner city of Melbourne conducted a Stations of the Cross, which is a regular happening each Good Friday. The two Stations of the Cross outside St. Paul’s Cathedral were designed by Anna Meszaros (pictured). This one, by the Swanston Street steps, shows Jesus' death on the Cross. For more information see the St. Paul’s Virtual Tour.