Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where Are You Looking?

The name of John Landy is legendary in Australian middle distance running. He's remembered for stopping to pick up Ron Clarke when another runner clipped his heel and sent him sprawling.

He's remembered for his titan clash with Roger Bannister in the race of the century.

John Landy said that he is also remembered for his mistakes.

Speaking at a speech night in Melbourne, he recounted his mistake in that famous ‘miracle mile’ when he turned around to get a glimpse of his opposition only to realise that he was being overtaken on the other side.
John Landy said, “I can't forget this mistake.”

In Vancouver this mistake has been captured in a bronze sculpture—Landy looking over his shoulder while his opposition passes on the other side on his way toward the tape!

This wasn't a fatal mistake for Landy. He has turned it into a lesson for others to take to heart. When we are tired. When we are bewildered. When we are worried about others, we need to remember, "Where are we looking?"

Geoff Pound

Image: This famous photograph was taken by Vancouver Sun photographer, Charlie Warner.