Most Popular Stories on ‘Stories for Speakers’

The best stories change from season to season but here are the top ten articles from 1st to 10th being searched in the last little while:

Alfred Nobel and His Image Makeover, SFS.

A Parable of Immortality by Henry Van Dyke, SFS.

Australia’s Best School Answering Machine Message, SFS.

Luxury Pen to Commemorate Gandhi’s Birthday is Not Write, SFS.

Blind Singers of Nagpur: Truth in Music, SFS.

Dr Francis Collins Shares Awesome Pictures from Book of Life, SFS.

The Emperor Moth: Killing it with Kindness, SFS.

Henri Nouwen: The Wounded Healer, SFS.

Woody Allen on Abraham and Knowing the Voice of the Lord, SFS.

Elizabeth Gilbert and Tom Waits on Capturing the Creative Urges, SFS.

Stories are personal and we often search to illustrate a particular theme we are speaking or writing about so these aren’t necessarily the best stories. Just the ones most searched on Stories for Speakers and Writers.


Geoff Pound