Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ride On Ride on

A reflection on this Palm Sunday from an address given by Thomas Henry:

Jesus made his decision to ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, pretty much knowing what lay ahead, at least as far as Friday. It was in his riding on, and not turning back, that he made the day of resurrection possible. He was given Easter and eternal glory by God. He was given Easter. And because of that, we are given Easter. Now we know more than 2000 years later, that we, too, can be of good courage, hold fast to that which is good, return to no one evil for evil, and live through it all.

Riding on. Riding on with that icy feeling in the pits of our stomachs. You see, that icy feeling may not be just our human fear. It may actually be a God-given sensation. That icy feeling may be that which tempers an attitude of arrogance which would keep us from questioning whether or not we should keep going in the direction we are going. Arrogance and cowardice have something in common. So, questioning is necessary. We dare not ride on blindly or arrogantly, staying a course that should not be stayed. Questioning we must, as Jesus did, in prayer, with discipline, in order to know if we are going the wrong way or the right way.

Jesus knew he was going the right way. He would not turn the donkey around.

Source: Thomas R Henry, 'Turn the Donkey Around,' April 9, 2006. Sighted on John Mark Ministries.

Image: Local donkeys looking for a passenger that might bring peace once again in the Middle East.