Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sure to Rise

The only public evidence yesterday that it was Easter in Fujairah, UAE, was the sign, 'Easter Greetings' in a local supermarket.

The sign wasn't in the chocolate section because there were no Easter eggs for sale.

It wasn't in the fish area to recognize the Good Friday tradition of eating the harvest of the sea and Peter's 'I am going fishing'.

It wasn't in the section of detergents and bleaches to symbolize Easter's message of cleansing and forgiveness.

The sign, 'Easter Greetings' was in the bread section of the supermarket.

I wondered whether it was strategically placed there to proclaim, 'He is Risen'! But then, looking around at the piles of flat Arabic bread, it may just be that, tucked away in the bread section the shop assistant found a convenient space.

He is risen indeed!

Geoff Pound

Image: Arabic Bread.