Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Adding Interesting Chapters to your Life Story

The New York Times has a stimulating series of articles in today’s (10 April 2007) issue on creative retirement.

It covers the need to be planning for retirement so we won’t be 'healthy, wealthy and bored’ in Training to Be Old.

It suggests that as people get older we can increasingly get involved in causes that have real purpose in To the Barricades.

It encourages doing some intentional mapping or getting help from others to morp into something creative and satisfying in Mapping Changes in the Life Course.

It offers the story of how one guy transitioned into a new retirement career that excited him in Caroming into a Second Career in the Land of Green Felt.

It encourages slowing the ageing process and making sure you’ll meet the challenges physically in Shuffleboard Gets Pushed to the Closet.

There’s an article on downsizing and relocating to where you want to live in Downsizing Help is on the Way.

And reinvesting ideas in, Pizza to Go, Shares to Stay.

There is also a fascinating encouragement as we get old to put our story together and tell the story of our life through a blog or on YouTube, in Lives on the Record and on the Web.

Geoff Pound

Image: ‘Stop the War!’ Cele Meyer protesting the war in Iraq.