Monday, November 27, 2006

Kneel Where Believers Have Knelt

I visited St Paul’s Cathedral recently and at a service of worship under the great dome I thought of the following story and the truth that it contains.

A group of pilgrims were retracing the steps of some of the early Christians in England and in one Cathedral that was centuries old, the tour guide said to the party: "Come forward and kneel here at the communion rail. It's a great thing to kneel at the place where the saints of old have knelt."

Kneeling or sitting at a communion table is what can unite us with believers all around the world.
It is this table that joins us with believers who have run the race yet still cheer us on.
It is this table that takes us back to that upper room and the one who first extended the invitation to gather and dine at the table.

It is at this table that we can commune with the living Christ and truly experience the communion of the saints.

Geoff Pound