Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Rare Union

Passionate but One-Eyed
It is prevalent for people who are ardent and enthusiastic about something to also be bigoted, one-eyed and dogmatic.

Broad but Uncertain
It is just as common for those who are broad-minded and inclusive to be wishy-washy, lacking in conviction and muted about issues of justice.

A Rare Union
On a recent visit to the St Paul’s Cathedral in London I came across a magnificent tribute to Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta and writer of hymns such as Brightest and Best and Holy, Holy, Holy.

The plaque in the downstairs chapel off the crypt said about Reginald Heber, “his character exhibited a rare union of fervent zeal with universal tolerance.”

Geoff Pound

Image: View of London from St Paul’s Cathedral, the sphere in which character must be expressed.