Monday, October 01, 2007

Bill Clinton on His new Mission: ‘This picture says it all’

In the Introduction to his new book entitled ‘Giving’, author Bill Clinton sums up with one picture [posted here], why he is involved in many projects through the Clinton Foundation,

President Clinton writes:
“I’ve included one picture in this book, opposite the title page, that says it all. It captures the beautiful face and bright eyes of a Cambodian orphan born with HIV. Basil was ten months old when this photo was taken. His mother died when he was only one month old, and her doctor arranged for him to be taken in by New Hope for Cambodian Children, an organization that cares for HIV-positive orphans and other vulnerable children. When Basil arrived at the home, he was six weeks of age and had both HIV and tuberculosis. His doctor, a Clinton Foundation fellow, treated him for both conditions, giving Basil lifesaving pediatric AIDS medication through my foundation’s partnership with UNITAID, which funds our efforts to treat children across the globe. Basil responded well to the treatment, gained weight, and, as you can see, is now healthy. He has a chance. That’s often all one person can give another. But it can make all the difference.”

Image: Basil; photo courtesy of the Clinton Foundation web site.

Source: Bill Clinton, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World (London: Hutchinson, 2007), xiv.

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