Saturday, June 16, 2007

Experiencing Afresh the Joys of Living

A woman, who throughout her lifetime had cultivated a wonderful garden, became blind. The fact that she was not able to see and enjoy the beauty of her flowers somehow added to her bitterness.

Her husband devised a way to bring the garden back again. He took out all the plants that were there for their appearance and he replaced them with plants that had a stunning fragrance.

So, out with the asters and in with the thyme.
Out with the pansies and in with the lavender.
Out with the rhododendrons and in with the roses, the stocks and the carnations.

The blind woman had her garden again and her husband had the joy of giving it to her.

In times of suffering and loss we do not always have our faculties or fortune restored, yet there are sometimes secret stairways established through which we can experience afresh the joys of living.

Geoff Pound

Image: “In with the roses…” Breathe in the aroma.