Monday, June 04, 2007

Hillary Clinton: A Theme Song for Your Life

It seems an unusual approach for a prospective leader to ask people to write your manifesto, but presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton has done that.

She is asking people to write her vision for her leadership of the USA in a song title.

Hillary Clinton asked YouTube viewers to vote on a theme song for her presidential campaign and here are some of the positive responses:

“I’m a Believer”
“Beautiful Day.”
“Rock This Country!”
“Suddenly I See.”
“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.”
“You and I.”

Each video has been viewed on either YouTube or the campaign site more than 900,000 times, and more than 100,000 votes were cast in the first round. All this might be suggesting that Clinton is simply wowing her audience through YouTube or having some fun to giving ummph to the launching of her campaign.

But such a ploy has also given an opportunity for her detractors to get some air space. Some of her opponents suggested songs like these:

“Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”
“Cold as Ice.”
“It’s the End of the World as We Know It.”
“Eve of Destruction.”

Hillary’s idea is challenging as it makes you think about the song title that would be the most appropriate for your life and work.

More information on this is written by Andrew Newman in ‘A Theme Song for Clinton,’ New York Times, 4 June 2007.

Geoff Pound

Image: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton