Monday, May 28, 2007

New Billy Graham Museum: "Too much Billy Graham” says Billy.

A new Disney-style museum is being opened this week in North Carolina, with Billy Graham, Jimmy Carter and George W Bush likely to be present for the occasion.

LA Times reporter, Stephanie Simon writes that “the other day, Billy Graham toured the showy museum that will soon open here to honor his six decades of bringing God's word to the high and the humble.”

America's best-known evangelist walked through stage-set re-creations of the barn on his parents' dairy farm; the canvas tent where he held his first blockbuster revival; a graffiti-scarred checkpoint at the Berlin Wall, symbolizing his crusades behind the Iron Curtain.

As Graham finished the tour, his son Franklin asked how he had liked the tribute. The gruff reply: "Too much Billy Graham."

For more on this new Billy Graham tourist museum read:

Stephanie Simon, ‘Billy Graham tourist attraction’, LA Times, May 28, 2007.