Saturday, May 19, 2007

Impelled by the Hand of God

In his book, ‘Cry the Beloved Country’ Alan Paton introduces us to an old man living in the hills of South Africa.

One day he and his wife sorrowfully watch their only son leave home for the big city of Johannesburg. For some time the boy keeps contact but as the letters dry up they fear the worst and the old man sets off to find him.

In Johannesburg the old man is helped by a man who knows the city and the bright lights and vainly they try and pick up the trail of the lost son.

One day, when he is simply overcome by the kindness of his city friend, the old man from the hills is strangely moved and he says: “You are so wonderfully kind. I’ve never met anyone as kind as you.”

At that comment, the city friend says, “I am not kind. I am a weak and sinful man but God has placed his hand on me. That is all.”

Source: Alan Paton, Cry the Beloved Country.

Image: Alan Paton.