Sunday, May 13, 2007

Larry King on Curiosity

In an interview with Katie Couric marking his fifty years in broadcasting Larry King was asked about the secret to his endurance.

In this conversation he was linked by phone to Nancy Reagan who expressed amazement as to how Larry can move from one interviewee to the next so effortlessly. Larry said, “I have always been curious. From the time I was five, when I met the bus driver I wanted to ask him, ‘What’s it like to be a bus driver?’ I have always wondered,” King said. “I am the most terrible person to sit next to on an airplane because I will ply you with questions. I am an intensely curious person.”

When Katie asked him to describe his style he said, “I am intensely curious. I go into an interview with no agenda. I approach it neither going in to praise the person or to knock them over. I go into the interview seeking to learn.”

Larry King Live, Interview of Larry King by Katie Couric, CNN, May 13, 2007.