Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You?

Some people think that ignorance is bliss, if we don't know then, ‘No worries.’

I wonder if you heard about that famous Mexican bank robber, Jorge Rodrigiez? He operated along the Mexican border and was so successful that the Texan rangers assigned an extra guard to stop him.

Late one afternoon, one of these rangers saw Jorge slipping stealthily across the Rio Grande and he followed him to his home village. The ranger watched Jorge mingle with the people in the square and then relax in his favorite cantina.

The ranger slipped into the cantina and managed to get the drop on Jorge and with a pistol to his head he said:
"I know who you are, Jorge Rodriguez, and I have come to get back all the money you have stole from the banks in Texas. Give it to me or I will pull the trigger and blow your head off!"

Now, there was one problem. Jorge didn't speak English and the ranger didn't speak Spanish, but fortunately another chap piped up and he said:
"I'm bilingual. Shall I translate?"

The ranger happily agreed and the interpreter put his ultimatum in terms that Jorge could understand.

Nervously, Jorge answered: "Tell the big Texan ranger that I haven't spent a cent of the money and if he'll go to the town well, face north, count down five stones, he'll find a loose one. If he pulls it out, he'll find all the money. Please tell him quickly."

The interpreter thought for a while then, with a solemn look he turned to the ranger and said: "Jorge Rodriguez is a very brave man. He says he is ready to die!!"

Source: John Claypool, The Preaching Event.