Sunday, September 17, 2006

Asking Questions

A young girl was going for a drive in the countryside with her father and as they went she was asking him questions.

Looking out her side of the car she said, "Daddy what do you think they're growing in those fields out there?" And he looked across and noticing the green shoots he said, "I don't exactly know."

A few kilometres on they drove through some hill country and she asked, "How high is that mountain over there? And Dad peered through the windscreen and said, "Awww I couldn't be sure."

Further down the road they passed a lake and the daughter piped up again and she said, "How deep is that water?" He glanced down and with a look of hesitation he said, "It's hard to say."

Then the little girl said, "Daddy, you don't mind me asking these questions do you?"
He said, "Of course not. How else will you ever learn!?"

Geoff Pound

Image: Asking questions.