Monday, August 17, 2009

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over A Lazy Dog

Testing! Testing!
This sentence (or variations) is an English Pangram (a phrase that contains all the letters of the alphabet).

We sometimes type this sentence to test out a computer keyboard or trial a new font which we might use on the computer.

Quick Foxes
There were no foxes in New Zealand when I was growing up but I was surprised at the number of foxes I saw in the inner city of Melbourne when I lived around Princes Park (Carlton). The foxes were always quick and would escape from public gaze into the grounds of the cemetery. Any foxes where you live?

I have never seen a fox jump over a lazy dog.

Slow Brown Fox
Here is a video clip of a slow brown fox jumping over a lazy dog.

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Image: The phrase shown in metal moveable type, used in old printing presses. The image is mirrored for readability. Thanks to Wikipedia.