Friday, July 03, 2009

Anthony Trollope and What’s in a Name?

At the height of his fame, the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope became so intrigued by what he felt to be ‘an injustice in literary affairs’ that he decided to perform an unusual experiment:

"It seemed to me that a name once earned carried with it too much favour … I felt that aspirants coming up below me might do work as good as mine, and probably much better work, and yet fail to have it appreciated. In order to test this, I determined to be such an aspirant myself, and to begin a course of novels anonymously, in order that I might see whether I could obtain a second identity."
(Anthony Trollope, An Autobiography, 1883)

See what happened by reading the rest of the story, as told by Mark McGuinness, poet, creative coach and co-founder of the popular Lateral Action blog at this post:
Why It Matters Who You Are, LA.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Anthony Trollope.