Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Let Me Help You Write that Important Speech

Got a Speech to Write?
Even brilliant speakers like Barack Obama have people to help them research, write and polish their speeches.

Why I can Help You
Since I won Rotary Club prizes for giving speeches at the age of eleven and twelve, I have loved speaking and have made a living from jobs where speechmaking was paramount.

I can make your speech colorful and captivating. I learned the art of interesting speechmaking by speaking to 300 children at their Elementary School Assembly every week and I discovered how to grab and hold attention by speaking to prison inmates at the local prison (a captive audience?) every week for almost a decade.

I can help you tailor your thoughts to your audience as for more than thirty years I have developed versatility by speaking regularly to service groups, business audiences, conferences, churches and students at their University Commencements.

I understand the art of speechmaking as I wrote one of my doctoral dissertations on the dynamics of public communication and have taught speechmaking in one-off workshops as well as in courses at the tertiary degree level.

I can help you pitch your speech to your target. I am a native English speaker but I will help you tailor your speech to the cultural context of your audience. My audiences have included—Chinese, Australian, Indian, Spanish, Malaysian, Kiwi, Russian, Karen, Fijian, South Korean, Nepali, Indonesian, American, Vietnamese etc.—along with many international gatherings both small and large.

I can give you stories for your address that will entertain or open windows to let in the light. I regularly resource people through my popular Stories for Speakers and Writers website (which currently has over 800 illustrations) as well as contributing to magazines and online sites for speakers.

I can help you get your speech done so you have ample time to absorb it and concentrate on a winning delivery. I am efficient and will normally get work back to you quickly. Good speech writing is, however, like making excellent coffee—both need time for percolation.

Your speech, your audience and your style are unique, so my prices are calculated on an individual and personal basis.

Let me know how you want me to help. Are you at the research stage, needing help with structure or is it the time for polishing and tweaking? Give me your ideas about your subject, what you want this speech to accomplish, tell me about your audience, your time allotment and your timetable.

Contact me for availability and a quote for your speechmaking project at:

geoffpound (at)gmail.com or on Facebook

We use secretaries to help us with our administration, caterers to help us with our parties, gardeners to help us with our gardens, nannies to care for our children, so why not let me help you write your important speech?

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Geoff Pound with images of some speechmakers.