Friday, August 31, 2007

Tribute to Diana: ‘Going Beyond Yourself’

In a moving tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, at the memorial service (31 August 2007) to mark the tenth anniversary of her death, the Bishop of London expressed one of the reasons for the quality of her life:

“The love of Christ described in the lesson read by Prince William contains the essence of the spiritual life. Princess Diana recognized this quality of life in many of those, like John, whose lives she touched.

It was a mystery which resonated deeply with her and for which she reached out.
And the mystery is this - the more you go beyond yourself, the more you will become your true self; the more you lose yourself in loving and serving others, the more you will find yourself; the more you keep company with those who suffer, the more you will be healed.

This is the knowledge which passes all understanding.”

A full script of the speeches at the service can be found at this link: Diana’s Memorial Service.

Image: Diana. “Put simply, she made us, and so many other people, happy. May this be the way that she is remembered.” Prince Harry.