Friday, April 21, 2006

What Are Your Hopes?

During this period when Queen Elizabeth has been celebrating her eightieth birthday she was asked, "What are you hoping for? What are your birthday wishes?"

The Queen replied: "A nice sunny day."

Her answer reminded me of a similar question asked once of political leaders.

The British Ambassador in Washington was asked by a television reporter what he would like for Christmas that year. Very modestly he declined to say but when pressed he eventually said he would be happy with a small box of crystallised fruit.

Months later on Christmas Eve the program appeared on television. The French Ambassador when asked what he would like for Christmas said, “I would like to see peace in the world with new agreements between the super powers.”

The German Ambassador said, “I want to see a new upturn in international trade and injustice rooted out among peoples”.

The British Ambassador said, “I would like a small box of crystallised fruit”.

What are your hopes?

Geoff Pound

Image: Queen Elizabeth in her eightieth year.