Monday, April 24, 2006

Canine Sense

One day the entire North American sales force from a dog food company
was gathered for their National Sales Convention at Miami Beach.

In the auditorium the marketing director was giving a performance that any preacher would have been proud of. Using the old pattern of call and response, he was working up the spirits of his sales team:
"Who's got the greatest dog food in North America?"
"We have!"

"And who's got the greatest advertising campaigns?"
"We have!"

"Who's got the most attractive packages?"
"We have!"

"Who's got the greatest distribution?"
"We have!"

"Okay! So why aren't we selling more of the product?"

One bold voice from the congregation said:
"Because the damned dogs don't like it!"

Source: John Gurney in The World's Best Salesman Jokes

Image: A couple of satisfied consumers!