Monday, February 13, 2006

Tiger Woods on The Joy of Shaping Lives

What had happened to cause the world’s No. 1 golfer, Tiger Woods, to say, “This is the best day of my career”? Had he just completed a perfect round or sunk a hole in one? Had he snared another competition to add to his tally of fifty-seven tournaments and ten major championships?

No. On this day he did not even have a golf club in his hand. Instead he was opening the new Tiger Woods Learning Centre in his old neighborhood in Anaheim, California. Tiger’s contribution of $25 million was a creative and generous investment in helping children to find their way.

Dressed not in his golfing garb but in a formal suit Tiger Woods told the audience at the opening: “This is by far the greatest thing that has happened to me. This is bigger than golf. This is bigger than anything I’ve done on the golf course. Because, [through this new facility] we will be able to shape lives.”

Source: 12 February, 2006, Gulf News, p56.

Geoff Pound