Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sending the Wrong Message

Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular around the world, fostered largely by retailers who hawk their chocolates, heart-shaped balloons and fluffy teddy bears. In India this year there were many protests, some of which became violent. Protesters were critical of people for embracing this symbol of Western culture. Others ransacked shops in Srinagar and burned cards saying that Valentine’s Day fostered immorality.[1]

Ever tried to send a message and got it wrong? One poor guy never seemed to get it right. Everything he did went wrong and people picked on him constantly. One day he met up with a very pleasant woman and in the next few weeks, as a way of symbolizing his love and fostering the relationship he said he would send her a bunch of roses for Valentine’s Day, one rose for each year of her life. He rang the florist and ordered twenty-four roses to be sent to the young woman for Valentine’s Day. Working over the orders in the morning the proprietor said to his salesman, “Tom, here is an order from Mr. Higgins for twenty-four roses. I know him. He is a good customer. Let’s do him a good turn and put in an extra dozen.” That was the end of the romance. The young man never did find out what made his friend so angry.

Geoff Pound

Source: Unknown
[1] Hardliners protest Valentine’s celebrations, 15 February 2006, Gulf News, 30