Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Book ‘Talk About Thanksgiving’ by Geoff Pound

My new eBook ‘Talk About Thanksgiving’ is launched just a few weeks prior to American Thanksgiving 2010.

Time for Thanksgiving
The book contains a host of stories with a thanksgiving theme that will help speakers and writers to be fresh in their presentations but this book is not just for Americans. Thanksgiving is a universal quality and it enriches our lives and our communities when we take time out to say ‘Thanks.’

In the preface to this book I wrote:

Thanksgiving Day, National Day, Founder’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays… It’s a great thing when nations, Colleges, families and individuals mark their calendars and take time out to express gratitude to one another, to institutions, to countries, to people who have served sacrificially or to those who have died.

On such Red Letter days we often say it with flowers, processions, ceremonies, turkey meals, birthday cakes and cards but at such a time it is helpful to have some words with to express our thanks.

Seth and Stories
Why are stories such powerful motivators especially when it comes to important practices such as thanksgiving?

Marketing guru, Seth Godin, warns his readers against employing the ‘battering ram’ of logic to capture people’s hearts and he reminds them of this more excellent way: “People are moved by stories and drama and hints and clues and discovery.”

Thanks in Adversity
This eBook collects up a large number of stories that have a thanksgiving theme and I am struck by the related theme of hardship—the ability and therapy of being able to give thanks on tough days and in difficult circumstances.

As master storyteller, John Claypool discovered when he lost his young daughter to leukemia, and as he explored all the different options—bitterness, hopelessness, despair—he concluded, “As I see it now, the best way out of darkness is the way of gratitude.”

About the Editor
Here is an excerpt from the introductory page ‘About the Editor’:

Geoff Pound has been a public speaker and writer for all of his working life. He has taught and presented speeches in numerous countries of the world at schools, universities, community groups, churches, Rotary Clubs, conferences, hospitals and prisons where he has proven the capacity of an apt story to attract attention, bridge cultures, build rapport and enlist support.

In writing newspaper articles, blog postings and books as well as in teaching courses in communication he has found that one of the great challenges is in finding suitable stories with which to illustrate an idea or message. This led to the establishment of the web resource, Stories for Speakers and Writers, a ‘smorgasbord of resources for communicators’ which in five years has been viewed by more than 100,000 readers.

John Broadbanks Publishing
To purchase this book for only $US7.00 (no added post and packaging charges) from John Broadbanks Publishing at AbeBooks.Com—Dalton Books, follow this link.

Geoff Pound