Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hugh MacLeod on the Key Element in the Best Stories

I am a great fan of Hugh MacLeod.

On his web site, Gaping Void, he describes himself in these terms:

* I'm a cartoonist.
* I sell limited-edition prints.
* I wrote a book.
* I'm CEO of Stormhoek USA, which markets South African wine in the States.
* I also draw private commissions.

Some people find the language Hugh uses to be a little coarse but if you have a high tolerance level you will enjoying scanning his site and ordering one of his prints.

Something Different
About this cartoon (pictured) Hugh makes this statement:

"This print is different than the ones I’ve done to date. It has a sort of Abstract-Expressionist feel to it, as I felt that was more in keeping with the sentiment. It’s a beautiful thought, one of my favorites. 'A story without Love is not worth telling.'"

Like Saint Paul wrote to The Corinthians, “Without Love, I am nothing.”

The Best Stories
Hugh adds: "The best stories are about things we care about, told to the people we care about. This is true whether we’re talking fiction, fact, people, ideas or yes, the story about the business you’re trying to get off the ground."

Hugh MacLeod, love matters. People matter. Everything else is secondary. amen to that, Gaping Void, 30 September 2009.

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