Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doing What We Can Do

Steve Goodier tells this story on his web site:

This world seems to be full of talent. I've never felt as if much of it has come my way, so I appreciate this story.

It is about a wholesaler in New York who sent a letter to the postmaster of a small Midwestern town. He asked for the name of an honest lawyer who would take a collection case against a local debtor who had refused to pay for a shipment of the wholesaler's goods. He got this reply:

Dear Sir:
I am the postmaster of this village and received your letter. I am also an honest lawyer and ordinarily would be pleased to accept a case against a local debtor. In this case, however, I also happen to be the person you sold those crummy goods to. I received your demand to pay and refused to honor it. I am also the banker you sent the draft to draw on the merchant, and I sent that back with a note stating that the merchant had refused to pay. And if I were not, for the time being, substituting for the pastor of our local church, I would tell you just where to stick your claim.

Not many of us are multi-talented. I cannot do all that many things well and most things I cannot do at all. But we all have our gifts.

Continue reading the rest of the post by Steve—a wonderful story about Albert Einstein.

Link: Steve Goodier, ‘Doing What We Can Do’, Life Support System, 13 August 2008.

I have just ‘met’ Steve this week through an email or two. He is a prolific storyteller.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Steve Goodier