Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Al Gore on Why Elections Matter

In his speech endorsing Barack Obama as the Presidential nominee, Al Gore made this statement about elections:

“Take it from me, elections matter,” Gore said.

“If you think the next appointments to our Supreme Court are important, you know that elections matter.”

“If you live in the city of New Orleans, you know that elections matter.”

“If you or a member of your family are serving in the active military, the National Guard or Reserves, you know that elections matter.”

“If you are a wounded veteran, you know that elections matter.”

“If you've lost your job; if you're struggling with a mortgage, you know that elections matter.”

Gore cited concerns about the environment and lead-painted toys -- as other reasons to vote for the Democrat.

Gore, not particularly known for his sense of humor then said, “If you care about food safety, if you like a “T” on your B.L.T., you know that elections matter….If you bought tainted pet food made in China, you know that elections matter. After the last eight years, even our dogs and cats have learned that elections matter.”

Al Gore Backs Obama for President, CNN.com, 16 June 2008.

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: Al Gore and Barack Obama in Detroit, Michigan