Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Problem with Unresolved Conflict

The Skinny House in Boston (pictured) is pretty well-known, at least in the area.

The story goes that in 1874, a couple of brothers had a fight over the land they had jointly inherited from their father. Instead of properly settling the fight, one brother built a large home on the land while the other brother was away in the military. When the traveling brother returned home, he decided to spite his greedy brother and build a small house on what was left of the land they both owned, blocking his brother’s nice view.

It still stands today and is occupied.

At its widest point, the Skinny House is just over 10 feet wide. The narrowest point in the house is only 6.2 feet wide.

Source and Photo: Neatorama, 25 April 2008. Check out this posting for further examples of unresolved conflict.

Dr. Geoff Pound