Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Working in Old Age

Dr Harry Morrow Brown is one of the oldest doctors still practising in the UK, and he has no plans to retire.

Aged 91, he despairs of how he would spend his time. "If you didn't know what to do with your day, it would be dreadful, awful," he warns.

Dr Morrow Brown is still active, running allergy clinics from his home in Derby, as well as still publishing in academic journals, and inventing machines to measure air quality.

He's one of a tiny but growing group of people I've been researching, who are still working way past the normal retirement age.

To read more about Dr Brown and many others who are working in their old age:

Martin Shankleman, ‘Still Working at 90’, BBC News, 11 April 2008.

Image: Phyllis Self joined the Garden Centre when she was 65—35 years ago!