Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do One Nice Thing

CSM reports:
“It began in the simplest way. Over lunch with girlfriends, Debbie Tenzer listened as they argued over the state of the world – war, crime, schools in Los Angeles – and how they felt helpless to change anything.”

“Ms. Tenzer found herself resisting that view – and began to think what she could do.
"OK, I can't fix needy schools, but I could give them my children's old schoolbooks," the mother of three recalls telling herself. "I can't end the war, but I can send a phone card so a soldier can call home and feel comforted. I decided then I'd find a way to do one nice thing for someone every week."

“Tenzer, a marketing professional, started with small gestures of kindness on Mondays, her own most difficult day. Friends soon suggested she post these activities on a website, and was born.”

“Californian Debbie Tenzer created in 2005 to chronicle her efforts to do a good deed for someone once a week. Since then, she’s communicated with people in 53 countries about their own inspirations for making small gestures to lend a helping hand.”

To read the whole story, follow this link:
Jane Lampman, ‘ inspires do-gooders to keep it up’, The Christian Science Monitor, March 25, 2008.

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Image: Debbie Tenzer