Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Changes We Survived

An unknown author born in the 30’s penned this statement on behalf of their generation:

“We are survivors! Consider the changes that we have witnessed:
We were born before television, before penicillin, before polio shots, frozen food, Xerox, plastic, contact lens and the Pill.

We were before radar, credit cards, split atoms, laser beams, ball point pens, dish washers, clothes dryers, electric blankets, air conditioners—and before anyone walked on the moon.

We got married first and then lived together. How quaint can you be?

In our time, closets were for clothes not for “coming out of.”

We were before house-husbands, gay rights, computer dating, dual careers and commuter marriages. We were before day care centers, group therapy and nursing homes.

We never heard of FM radio, tape decks, electric typewriters, artificial hearts, word processors, yogurt and guys wearing earrings. For us time-sharing meant togetherness, a ‘chip’ meant a piece of wood; hardware meant hardware, in fact I still don’t know the difference between hardware, software and Tupperware!

In 1940, “made in Japan,” meant junk. Pizzas, McDonald’s and instant coffee were unheard of.

In our day, cigarette smoking was fashionable. Grass was mowed. Coke was a cold drink and pot was something you cooked in.

No wonder we’re so confused! But we survived! What better reason to celebrate!"

Image: Remember these old typewriters?