Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Positive Thinking!

A conference speaker decided he needed a memorable framework for his speech.

He'd been trained at Yale University and he decided to use the word YALE as the acronym for his address.

He started with the letter Y and spoke about Youth and their present day issues and he went on for at least 30 minutes.

Moving to A he spoke about adversity and that took at least 25 minutes.

When after 40 minutes exploring L and the need for Leadership most people were looking at their watches.

He finally got to E for effectiveness and after 30 minutes the people were wilting and their stomachs were rumbling. When the overcooked dinner was served two and a half hours later the people were most grumpy and expressing their complaints quite vociferously around the meal tables.

As the whingeing went on there was one bloke who had obviously done a Positive Thinking course because he said:

“I guess we can be very thankful that he wasn't trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology!”

Geoff Pound

Image: Yale University